Friday, May 16, 2008

1301. A miner's safety lamp with a protecting shield, patent number 509,418, from the patent:
The object of the protecting shield is to enable the lamp to be used in the most violent current or fire damp without there being the least risk of the gauze getting so heated as to ignite any fire damp which may come in contact with same.

1302. Belaying pins, used to secure lines on sailing vessels, they could also be used as weapons when necessary:

Larger image

1303. A shingle removing shovel:

1304. A crystal radio:

Larger image

A Philmore crystal radio:

1305. I haven't been able to verify any of these guesses for this device:
-Diffraction grating
-Monochrometer from a spectrometer
-Prism used in a UV-visible spectrophotometer
-Used on an optical table for laser or light work

A view of the back:

1306. A roller type cement jointer, also called a sidewalk groover, sidewalk creaser, or center knife; it's used to smooth the joint between two concrete surfaces.

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